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Corporate Business Investigations

Internal Business Investigations

Don't leave your business to chance when you have an internal matter and don't fall into the trap of thinking an in-house investigation will be viewed as thorough and unbiased in mediation or litigation.  LINUS Investigations & Consulting stands ready to assist local businesses, large and small, with their internal investigative matters. We bring years of government internal investigative experience and professionalism to the table, as well as the time-tested processes used by government agencies and inspector general offices to help you get the answers you need to solve your problems.  Our comprehensive report is backed by digital evidence, statements, and the ability of seasoned investigators to articulate and support their findings.

Our corporate investigative staff offers a full range of services for business owners and managers like you, including:

  • •    Internal investigations/misconduct

  • •    Sexual harassment/workplace violence

  • •    Litigation support

  • •    Policy violations

  • •    Vetting subcontractors/business partners

  • •    Locating individuals

Our goal is to provide the information you need in a thorough, concise, and discreet fashion. As a client, you'll benefit from our:

  • •    Professional team of experienced investigators

  • •    Professional Report of Investigation with sworn statements

  • •    Reasonable rates

  • •    An efficient approach to all that we do

  • •    Investigators with backgrounds in law enforcement, corporate, and government investigations

  • •    Risk management support

Companies often conduct internal investigations by utilizing their Human Resources office, Risk Management office, or they don’t conduct them at all.  In all of these situations, a skilled private investigator can be an asset to the company by ensuring the integrity and unbiased findings of an internal investigation.  A comprehensive report backed by skilled testimony during potential litigation can protect the company in several ways, to include encouraging others to report misconduct in the future.  It will also reduce the risk of civil action if the investigation is unbiased, professional, and protects the rights of all parties involved.

Remember that once an investigation of an allegation begins, it often results in the garnering of additional information unrelated to the allegation such as – additional allegations, insight into workplace climate, violations of policy, and workforce perceptions as well as other information that ultimately support the risk management posture of that company.  An independent, unbiased experienced investigator brings more value to the company than just a single investigation.

For more information about our corporation investigation services or to discuss training for your internal investigative staff, schedule a free consultation now.  Contact LINUS Investigations & Consulting today.

Investigative Integrity
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