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Criminal Defense

Whether your client is retained or court-appointed, you deserve the same level of expertise in your criminal defense investigations as the prosecutor.  With LINUS Investigations and Consulting you get that level of expertise in your criminal defense investigation, and more.


Our criminal defense investigators are career criminal investigators and forensic science experts with some of the most extensive training in law enforcement.  With years of experience in finding the truth, we bring a different level of quality investigations to the table for you and your client.  We will dissect your case from start to finish and provide you with a review of investigative sufficiency supported by experience.  Whether it’s reconstructing the investigation or simply locating and re-interviewing witnesses, we’ll bring you the facts you need to make an informed decision with your client for the best way ahead in their defense.  


Our investigators have worked with defense attorneys across the state and our testifying/consulting experts have worked cases throughout the United States and abroad.  


Call us today for a free consultation or for references.  State and Federal, retained or appointed cases.

Criminal Defense Investigations
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