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Expert Witness Consultant

Joanna Collins is LINUS Investigations and Consulting’s lead forensic expert and expert consultant/witness.  She is a career criminal investigator and forensic science expert.  She has extensive experience in sexual assault investigations of both child and adult, child forensic interviewing, medico-legal death investigations, and crime scene reconstruction. Having received some of the best training the United States government has to offer over the last 20 years, she has worked cases around the globe and provided training in child forensic interviewing, sexual assault investigations, crime scene investigations, evidence processing, and death investigations to law enforcement agencies at the local, state, federal, and international level.   

In addition to her experience investigating sexual assaults of children and adults, death scenes, and crime scene reconstruction, she has drafted investigative policies on criminal investigations, child sexual assaults, and child forensic interviewing.  Joanna currently serves in a volunteer capacity at the local level with the cold case investigative unit of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Department.  She is also a member of the Texas Rangers’ Unsolved Crime Investigation Program.  

Being recognized by the courts as both a testifying expert and consulting expert at the state and federal-level in sexual assault investigations, child sexual assault investigations, child forensic interviewing, death investigations, and crime scene reconstruction – Joanna has served in this capacity on numerous occasions.  She has worked with attorneys and public defenders’ offices across the state and the country.

Whether it is reviewing a child forensic interview, consulting on your case for investigative sufficiency, or testifying – Joanna has the expertise and reputation that is unmatched in the private sector.  

Contact LINUS Investigations and Consulting today for a copy of Joanna’s CV and a free consultation on your case.  State and Federal cases, both retained and appointed.  References available.