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Sexual Assault/Abuse Investigation

When your case involves a sexual abuse or sexual assault allegation, especially that of a child – LINUS Investigations and Consulting has the skills and the resources to get you the answers you need to navigate defending your client.

Sexual assault and child sexual assault cases involve many nuances that are not seen in your typical criminal investigation.  Because of this, you need seasoned experts in the field of sexual assault investigations, child sexual assault investigations, child forensic interviewing, and forensic science expertise.  We bring all of that to the table within one firm.  Our investigators are some of the best trained former special agents and detectives that law enforcement has to offer.  We have years of experience conducting sexual assault investigations, child sexual assault investigations, evidence processing and interpretation, and child forensic interviewing.  

Our investigators, consultants, forensic experts, and court-qualified expert witnesses are here to help.  Whether it is reviewing a child forensic interview, consulting on your case for investigative sufficiency, or testifying – we have the expertise and reputation that is unmatched in the private sector.  

Contact LINUS Investigations and Consulting today for a free consultation on your case. State and Federal cases, both retained and appointed.  References available. 

Discretion Investigations
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